New Product Release: with A-85 in hand, work more handy

2024-02-02 15:19 by admin

A-85 desktop CMOS barcode scanner is equipped with AiGather's patented decoding algorithm software, which combines a 2m/s motion tolerance and a large FOV. It can quickly read screen codes and paper codes, help shop staff to work more effectively.

More details please check its page>>>> A-85 .

宣传02 - EN.jpg

There are 13 lamp beads, and comes from a imported brand "Osram", quality assurance.

Adjustable angle of scanning head, it also can be suitable if you place it on a high desk.

宣传04 - EN.jpg

If you have any special code system which is uneasy to read, welcome to contact our team to get solutions.

A-85 is a new model in 2024, welcome to contact us if any interests.

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